The Orion Group of Companies is dedicated to help with combating the Global Pandemic, that is Covid-19 caused by Coronavirus.

Besides addressing and constantly reminding our community of ways to prevent the spread of the virus, from sanitization, washing hands and maintaining social distance. We invite partners to join us in providing advanced measures to mitigate the impact and help those affected.

Through the launch of our social enterprise, OxygenCo Africa, we aim to provide affordable Oxygen Supply, Delivery & Distribution as well us leverage our technology prowess in creating a VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE voice support on Oxygen Therapy Training, and medical supplies clinical knowledge & expertise. 


  • 25% of health facilities in sub-Saharan Africa never have oxygen available, while 32% have an irregular supply. As a result, the use of the available oxygen is restricted to surgeries and a small number of very ill patients.
  • Oxygen is one of the most expensive medical supply and most of the time is never sufficient or available, in low and middle-income communities there is severe shortage of oxygen and minimal training on oxygen therapy, resulting to numerous preventable deaths daily.
  • Oxygen is totally unavailable in Rural Area/ Marginalized Communities.
  • Oxygen is never available in most of the Quick Response Units and Ambulances.
  • Oxygen is never enough in times of medical urgency or emergencies such as Pandemic, Earthquakes and severe Natural occurrences.
  • In cases of fire breakout most patients requires sufficient supply of oxygen.
  • Patients with life threatening diseases and injuries or are from poor families are discontinued from Oxygen supply due to rising hospital bills hence succumbing to their death.
  • Non existing Oxygen Supply chain, transportation and logistics, and lack of production facilities make oxygen very costly and scarce.


  • Oxygenco Africa has developed an innovation tackling shortage of Medical Oxygen through sustainable & affordable production, supply, delivery & distribution. Oxygen is a vital medical supply most neglected but required in ICUs by all Medical Facilities.
  • Oxygenco offers 24 hours on demand Oxygen supply and 24Hrs SUPPORT VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE as well as on-site Oxygen therapy training to health clinics.
  • Oxygenco helps more Medical Facilities save more lives through oxygen in premise availability and quick & timely supply through contract business model allowing for hospitals to pay at a later date.
  • Oxygenco provides affordable Oxygen to Rural and Marginalized Communities in Eastern Africa.
  • Partnership between Oxygenco and Quick Response Units & Ambulances stakeholders ensures Lives in critical conditions are saved in transit.
  • Oxygenco also provides Regional to County level Oxygen Banks to facilitate oxygen supply as well as storage of standby oxygen in case of medical emergencies, pandemics, earthquakes and natural occurrences

To collaborate and partner with our social entreprise, OxygenCo kindly contact us via email : [email protected]